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World Oyster Kitchen: Sous-vide Ice Cream Base

World Oyster Kitchen: Sous-Vide Ice Cream Base, Cinnamon Bourbon
Sous-Vide Ice Cream Base: Cinnamon Bourbon

I never thought of making a sous-vide ice cream base until recently, when I happened upon a mention of it in an article. It was a huge ah-ha moment. I mean, I’ve used sous-vide for years and never once thought of this application. The controlled environment of a water bath would ensure that the custard base cooked to the perfect temperature without curdling. I could mix it and walk away while my Anova sous-vide circulator did its thing. Perfect! But I didn’t want to use just any recipe. I’ve sampled excellent ice cream all over the world, and I wanted my homemade version to taste just as good.