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World Oyster is dedicated to travelers and foodies, to armchair tourists and home cooks, to anyone who loves to explore. Yes, the name is quirky, but then so am I. 

My husband and I travel a lot, but because we can rarely get away for more than a week, often less, our trips tend to be intense and focused, never comprehensive but always fun. We are primarily walking tourists, preferring to experience a destination on foot when possible. We love culture, history, and fine dining. Give us an art museum over an amusement park. Usually. After all, I’m always in search of the iconic experience or photo wherever we go.

Please join me in the world of travel and food. I will take you with me to the sights, hotels, and restaurants I discover. After all, since World Oyster is dedicated to travelers and foodies, you’ll have a lot to explore.

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Debbie Lee Wesselmann

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When I visited the Netherlands earlier this year, I wanted to carefully plan where to eat in Amsterdam. Sometimes I
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During our last trip to Florence (Firenze), the staff at our hotel recommended that we try Rosso Crudo for dinner.
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Our three days in Amsterdam, the Netherlands became a whirlwind tour, mostly because, in truth, we had only two-and-a-half days.
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Domux Home Ricasoli in Florence: Review
We never would have stayed in the Domux Home Ricasoli in Florence if my husband’s colleague hadn’t found it first.
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I had wanted to try Vetri Cucina in Philadelphia for a long time, ever since a friend mentioned it. On
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Review of The Bachelor Farmer in Minneapolis
My review of The Bachelor Farmer in Minneapolis highlights an excellent farm-to-table restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the casual atmosphere.
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